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Monetization strategy is one of the crucial elements for sucess in a growingly competitive market. Whether it's mobile advertising, subscriptions or in-app purchases, we can help. Starting with pricing stategy, sourcing the right tools and laying out the ground work for the revenues to start flowing. 



Analyics, ad networks, ad serving or monetization partners. We're working with all of them closely and can help choosing the right ones for you and help put agreements in place to help you scale your business. 

Our team worked with market leaders in media and mobile, including ad networks (Admob, InMobi, Chartboost), top game developers (Rovio, Outfit7) movie studios (Disney, Paramount, Dreamworks) and media agencies (GroupM, Mind Share, Somo, Amobee) and many more..

Now that the strategy and partnerships are in place and the money starts flowing, maximizing potential and revenues becomes a critical point. Which ad network is the best in China? What's the right pricing strategy for in-app my my mobile game? Are Android and iOS the same or do they require different operations? 

We can answer all of this and even help with the day to day advertising operations and revenue optimization. 

SSP, DSP, Exchanges, SDKs, HTML5, Interstitials, Banners, storefront, waterfall optimization, RTB and many more. Sounds confusing? These are all the things you need to think about to make the strategy happen and for the partnerships to scale up. We've designed many such systems in the past and can help you build the right one based on the aggregated experience of many of our partners


Analysts are expensive and good ones are hard to find. We've learned that the 80/20 rule matters and once you get to the 20 (or even the 40), the little details and trends matter most. RPMs, Fill rates, CTRs, Postback ratios, Average Revenue Per User, Conversion rate to Paid - all are critical KPIs to your business and it requires close monitoring and deep analysis. 



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